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CCJD collaborates with journalists working with citizens, communities and institutions in the planning, implementation and monitoring of  programs and projects aiming at empowering them for social change.

Programs and Projects

The project highlights the critical importance of the media in the arena of governance and strengthening democracy in the Philippines. It also intends to address the problems of media development in order to remove the obstacles

that hinder Philippine media from playing their role in safeguarding democracy and promoting development. The project aims to develop a cadre of journalists whose work will impact on public sector and governance reforms.

The project aims to enhance media awareness and understanding of disaster risk reduction and managment and their vulnerabilities while covering man-made and natural disasters.  At the same time, the project will enhance the reporting skills of community journalists thus enabling them to produce more interesting and compelling stories on disasters and disaster risk management that likewise enhances better citizen awareness and understanding. 

News media are crucial to the advocacy for disaster risk reduction and play an important role in building and expanding constituency for climate smart communities and must therefore be engaged in a more sustained manner.

Journalism is not an easy task.  There are times when journalists and media are confronted by stories that test their notion of professionalism to the limit. Thus the program aims to develop and enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes of community journalists in practicing their craft by reconnecting them with citizens and local comunities .

The media play an enormously important role in the protection of human rights. They expose human rights violations and serve as medium for different voices to be heard. But journalists and the media themselves are put at risk when reporting critical human rights issues. The program provides training on human rights reporting and working in hostile environments.